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Just hangin out with that inner critic, yo. She’ll creep up on you like nobody’s business.

I think one of the hardest things to learn when you’re starting out on a making-stuff journey is which bits of that voice are valid and which bits are a waste of time. A lot of it can drag you down and get you stuck so much that you can’t find the confidence to face the stuff you need to do to get better. But once in a while there’s a real piece of honest self-reflection. Telling the difference between those two can be super tough; knowing when to listen and when to just chin up and move on.

oh god uploading a long comic to tumblr did i do this right

extra addendum i ate a whole bunch of fruit by the foot while drawing this, i think it is becoming my official Art Fuel

I call this inner critic asshole “Jerk Brain.”

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Words of encouragement from my man-beast

"I believe in you, you’re going to be an Aaamazing set decorator cause you have the eye and you work like a crazy person. And one day you’re gonna get that call that’s like, "Hey we’re making a film based on the life of Cesare Borgia starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Cesare and Robert Carlyle as Rodrigo Borgia. Oh and Baz Luhrmann is directing is an Catherine Martin is PD. We want you to do set dec and research." - says the man-friend

Better than a marriage proposal that is.

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